Hercules Engineering

Hercules Engineering

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Hercules Engineering makes and supplies two product lines.

  • Hercules™ composite slip joints and Shearstrip
  • Herculon™ range of structural bearings.

Hercules Engineering began in 1972. We are an Australian company. We are a leading supplier of Structural Bearings & Slip Joints.

We have grown steadily to become a leading structural bearing supplier. Our plant is completely up to date. We offer a broad range of structural products. We service many clients. We have both Government and Commercial clients in Australia and overseas. Our clients represent the Construction, Mining, Fuel and Energy Industries.

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Cut To Size Plastics

Design Manufacture & Supply

Our services include developing, designing and manufacturing

Hercuslip™ Composite Slip-joint.
It is a reliable and easily applied slip joint material. It is used in load bearing brickwork and under concrete slabs. It is made to balance loads. It allows for  initial shrinkage. It also allows for later thermal movement. Ideal for post-tensioned and cast in-site slabs.

Hercules™ Shearstrip.
This is a reliable, cost effective, bearing strip. It is used under short span cast concrete slabs. It is made to balance loads and accommodate very small movements.

Herculon™ Modified Type “B” and Type “D” Bearing.
These bearings have been developed to fulfil the need for a simple, low friction bearing. They can be used on corbels and columns where a continuous slip-joint is not a good option. They can be cast on site. They may also be used in slabs tensioned after casting. They can be used in beams. Type “D” is used where a highly stressed bearing is needed.

Have a look at the products page, for more info. On the services page you can see some of the projects we have supplied. You can find technical information about our products in the catalogue which is ready to download.