About Us

We are proud to make and supply of Hercules™ composite slipjoints, and the Herculon™ range of structural bearings.

Hercules Engineering first entered the market in 1972 as a fully owned Australian Company specialising in Structural Bearings, Slipjoints and Seals.

Since then we have grown steadily to become a major structural bearing supplier, operating with up to date manufacturing facilities, catering for a broad range of structural products. The company services a large number of clients, in both Government and private sectors. Abroad and locally, we have supplied our products to Construction, Mining, Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries.

Here are a few of the projects where we have been pleased to add value to the final result.

Travelodge Motel, Camperdown, Sydney
Hercules slipjoints and Herculon pads under cast in-situ car park slabs

Northpoint Office Block, North Sydney
Hercuslip pads under lower floor slabs

Sydney Opera House
Hercuslip pads in covered walkway roof

Woden Plaza for Civil and Civic, (ACT)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints

Girraween High School for Dept of Public Works, (NSW)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints on load bearing brickwork

Wollongong University Social Sciences Building, (NSW)
Herculon pads and slipjoints under post tensioned slabs

Qantas House Project, Sydney
10,000kN special pot bearings under main trusses, Herculon pads, neoprene pads and strip

Nauru House Project, Melbourne
Special temporary bearings and cast in-situ beams

War Veterans Homes, Narrabeen, (NSW)
Herculon pads and Hercuslip composite slipjoints

Martin Place Station, Sydney
Herculon Type D pads and elastomeric strip

High Court of Australia, (ACT)
Herculon pads and Hercuslip composite slipjoints

Koorang Cement Project, (NSW)
Hercuslip pads under silo supports

Kogarah Centre Project, (NSW)
Special Hercules bearings under post tensioned floor slabs

Belconnen Western Offices, (ACT)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints and small pads

Post Office Tower, Black Mountain, (ACT)
Special stainless steel and PTFE side thrust bearings and elastomeric pads

Cooinoo Home Units Development, Turramurra, Sydney
Hercuslip composite slipjoints under exposed patio slabs

Australian National Gallery, (ACT)
Herculon bearings under carpark roof trusses, neoprene pads and strips, Hercuslip slipjoints and special triagrid bearings cast into columns

ABC Music Studio, Brisbane
Herculon pads and Hercuslip composite slipjoints

Tooheys Expansion Project, Lidcombe, Sydney
Hercuslip composite slipjoints and Herculon pads under post tensioned floor slabs

National Athletics Stadium, Bruce, (ACT)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints under floor slabs and Hercuslip pads under precast seating units

Westmead Hospital Project, (NSW)
Hercules composite slipjoints, small bearings and expansion seals

Canterbury Ice Rink, Sydney
Hercuslip composite slipjoints under ice-rink slabs

Centrepoint Tower, Sydney
Special PTFE guide blocks for tower erection. Special PTFE insulating clamps for tower support cables

Buranda Shopping Centre, (QLD)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints and Herculon pads

Grace Bros Carparks, Chatswood, (NSW)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints under floor slabs

Campbelltown Shopping Centre, (NSW)
Herculon pads under beams

David Jones Properties Project, Birkenhead Point, (NSW)
Herculon fixed and expansion pads on columns, Hercuslip composite slipjoints under car park slabs

Parliament House, Canberra, (ACT)
Herculon Type D pads under forecourt slabs

Park Lane Hotel, Sydney
24,500kN, 16,500kN, 9,000kN, 6,500kN special pot-type bearings at 90MPa stress

Tuggeranong Bus Depot, (ACT)
Roof pot-type bearings with uplift constraint

Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong
Hercules composite slipjoints

World Square Project, Sydney
Herculon Type D bearings and Hercuslip composite slipjoints

Westfield Shopping Centre, Eastgardens, (NSW)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints

Homebush Olympic Stadium Upgrade, (NSW)
Hercuslip composite slipjoints

Brunei Naval Base Expansion
Hercuslip composite slipjoints and stainless steel HLD Bearings